Album: Under Ember Skies (2013)

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Song: Convicted (Single)

Bitrate: 384kbps

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Under Ember Skies was formed under the name of "Hell's Horizon" in late 2011. After a few months of writing, practice, and deliberation, the band decided to assume a new identity under the name that is currently used (UES). The band experienced constant lineup shifts, starting out with one guitarist, drummer, and vocalist, and acquiring a bassist a couple months later. Over time, UES grew into a strong 6 member outfit with 2 unique vocalists. Their ties to the Toronto local scene helped facilitate recording deals and promotions which allowed the band to gain quite a bit of publicity in a short period of time. 2013 has been the biggest year for them thus far, with the recording of their demo and placement on some incredible shows; the outlook is looking great, and they believe they'll take things far as they're determined to go.